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2019 Snowy Owl Photography Workshops and More 


Snowy OwlSnowy OwlSnowy Owl

Join me on my exciting Snowy Owls Photography Workshops. A photography workshop that will leave you breathless!  I am excited to offer you the opportunity to get close and personal with these magnificent owls.  I have EXCLUSIVE LAND ACCESS ON PRIVATE PROPERTY, which means it's only us and the owls, no other photographers permitted.  We will be photographing in various winter conditions: It is not uncommon to be out in blizzard like conditions, heavy and light snow, cloudy, foggy or sunny days.  This variety of weather, landscape and lighting conditions, in addition to my in depth knowledge of the owls, will provide you with the opportunity to create a diverse, creative and professional portfolio of this species.  Note that the months of January and February are equally good to photograph these owls.  Mother nature will dictate the weather including the amount of snow.

Migration is full of surprises.  Great Grey owls, Northern Hawk owls, Boreal owls and other northern species have been known to winter in this area. Every year the adventure is different.  We will adapt to optimize photographic opportunities.









Workshop description: The workshops are held Mondays to Fridays in the months of January and February.  Workshops are held on private land to which I have EXCLUSIVE ACCESS. A typical day in the field starts at first light, we break for lunch and photograph until last light.  Snowy owls will be our main subjects but often other owls and bird species present themselves that we simply cannot refuse. Workshops are kept to a maximum of 5-6 participants.

Cost: The 5 day workshop (Monday-Friday) is $2900.00Cnd and includes five days of shooting, photographic field instructions, and guiding service.  It does not include accommodations, meals, drinks, and transportation between the airport and the hotel. 


A portion of the proceeds are going to support the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario






JANUARY 7th -11th:  SOLD OUT

JANUARY 14th - 18th : SOLD OUT

JANUARY 21th - 25th: 2 SPOTS


FEBRUARY 4th - 8th :  3 SPOTS

FEBRUARY 11th - 15th : 3 SPOTS

FEBRUARY 18th -22nd : SOLD OUT


*Daily rates are pro-rated from weekly rate, please contact me for availability. 

Reserve your workshop by sending me an e-mail at .