Marc Latremouille Photography | Pond Inlet Floe-Edge (Canadian Arctic)


Canadian Arctic Floe-Edge Photo Tour

Pond Inlet, Nunavut 

June 2-10, 2017

I'm thrilled to offer you a true Canadian High Arctic Expedition unlike any other.  Come experience the High Arctic and it's immaculate beauty, dynamic ice landscape and variety of it's variety of wildlife. 


For this expedition, I've partnered with the Leaders in Arctic Expeditions and Adventures.  Black Feather has been providing unique Arctic adventures for decades and are the first choice for serious adventurers, filmmakers and photographers alike.


I had the privilege to travel to this Arctic paradise in June of 2016, lead by the very experienced and knowledgeable guides of Black Feather.  I have been to many remote places in the past but nothing could of prepared me for what I saw and felt when we arrived to our destination.  The vast white landscape, the sound of silence, icebergs locked in sea ice, the wildlife and the edge of the sea ice meeting the ocean (floe-edge) gave me the impression that I was on a beautiful deserted ice planet.  


All of my images on this page were taken in June 2016.  Although pictures do say a 1000 words, they do not however replace the feeling, memories and experience of being on the floe-edge of the high Canadian Arctic.  





From the community of Pond Inlet, we will travel by snowmobile and komatik (wooden sled) towards the floe-edge, an area known as the "line of life". Guided by seasoned and highly qualified guides, ice conditions and weather will determine our exact route. Once a suitable area has been chosen, a comfortable base camp will be created.



The base camp will serve as a hub for the expedition and the various activities that will be undertaken. Client safety will be the number one priority as we explore, film and photograph this, one of Nature's most amazing and variable landscapes. No other company in the world has the same experience organizing and running this type of adventure. The experience and knowledge of the local guides is unmatched. Combined with top quality customer service and attention to detail, this is truly one of the classic Arctic adventures. Full advantage will be taken of the endless days to explore and learn more about this incredible environment and area.



During this expedition we have a chance of seeing and photographing polar bears, a variety of species of sea birds, narwhals, beluga whales, seals and possibly the massive bowhead whale.  The constant changing Arctic landscape along with the Midnight Sun (24 hours of light early June) also provide endless photo opportunities of icebergs, sea ice, mountains ect.





Pond Inlet Floe-Edge Expedition Itinerary 


Day 1  Friday, June 2, 2017 Flight North To Baffin Island - Arrival

​9:15AM flight from Ottawa to Pond Inlet, via Iqaluit, Arrive at 5:40 PM.

Greeted at the airport and transported to hotel for welcome supper.  Hotel accommodation. Group talk and gear check.  Evening spent relaxing or exploring some of the community.


Day 2  Expedition Departure

Breakfast.  Final gear check and lunchtime departure from Pond Inlet by snow machine and kamotik towards Sirmilik National Park and Bylot Island floe-edge area to our Base Camp.


Day 3-7  Day trips from our Base Camp

Exploring by snow machine and komatik - bird cliffs, icebergs, floe-edge and sea ice, overnighting at our floe edge base camp.


Day 8  Return to Pond Inlet

Return journey by snow machine and komatik to Pond Inlet.  Supper and hotel accommodation.


Day 9  Saturday.  June 10, 2017 Departure - Flight South to Ottawa.

Breakfast.  8AM flight from Pond Inlet to Ottawa via Iqaluit, NU.

Arrive in Ottawa at 4:50PM


Expedition Trip Costs


Expedition Fee: $7595.00 Canadian (plus 5% tax)

Airfare (Ottawa to Pond Inlet and back-reserved by Black Feather)): $3000.00 Canadian (taxes in).  

Group Size: Maximum 8 participants

*A deposit of 25% is required upon registration and balance is due 60 days prior to your adventure.

*Trip insurance recommended.


Reserve your spot now by contacting me at:


What's included?


  • Guides - 5:1 ratio, plus Inuit bear monitor/guide
  • Accommodation
    • 6 nights camping
    • 2 night’s accommodation Pond Inlet on Days 1 and 8
  • Meals  
    • excellent trail meals and snacks from Day 2 lunch to Day 8  lunch
    • dinners (Days 1 and 8) and breakfast (Days 2 and 9) in Pond Inlet
  • Expedition Equipment 
    • base camp - kitchen / group tents, bathroom, generators, cooking stoves, utensils, dishes, etc
    • sleeping tents - free standing custom expedition dome tents 
    • sleeping bags and sleeping pads
  • Safety Equipment
    • first aid, safety, rescue and repair kits
    • communications equipment (satellite phone)
  • Transportation 
    • snow machine transfers between Pond Inlet and the expedition location on Days 2 & 8  
  • daily tours by snow machine Days 3 - 7
  • airport transfers in Pond Inlet
  • transportation of guides, group gear, food, etc. to Pond Inlet 





What isn’t included?


  • Personal clothing and gear - a recommended clothing & equipment list will be provided
  • Travel between your home and the Ottawa International airport
  • Hotel accommodation and restaurant meals other than those listed above in Pond Inlet
  • Souvenirs, purchases of a personal nature, personal phone calls etc,,
  • Any additional expenses or costs incurred as a result of delays to the trip caused by factors beyond our control - i.e. snow and ice conditions, weather, flight delays, etc. 
  • Any costs associated with your emergency evacuation from the trip - insurance may be purchased through Black Feather (strongly recommended)
  • Gratuities


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Can I do this trip?


This Trip is rated Skill Level 1+  No previous experience is required.


This trip has been described as the classic Arctic expedition trip. Given the topography of this region, this expedition has been designed with a start (drop off) point and an end point – the community of Pond Inlet. Weather is always a factor in this part of the world. This is not a physically demanding trip. All clients should though be able to handle a variety of weather and related ice conditions. Most years the sea ice, on which we travel, will be relatively smooth however rougher sections can be encountered. The komatiks (sleds in which clients travel in) are designed to maximize comfort and enjoyment. Route-wise, this expedition is almost completely on the frozen ocean – sea ice. Each day the group will depart from the comfortable base camp and explore the surrounding area. Areas such as bird cliffs on Bylot Island, icebergs, glaciers, ancient dwelling sites and historic sites will all be visited. All clients are expected to help in setting up camp and various other camp duties. Given the time of year, the days are very long so time will be taken to do some extra exploring not necessarily involving pulling the expedition sleds.





The Weather


Pond Inlet is classified as having a Polar Tundra Climate. In the 24 hour darkness of mid winter the average day time low is a punishing -38°C. By June it is light 24 hours a day and things have warmed up considerably. Expect the day time high to average something like +6°C (43°F) with night time lows of perhaps 0°C (32°F). The record highs and lows range from +15.5°C (60°F) to -14°C (7°F) during the dates of the expedition. Winds can make it feel colder. There is always some wind. The average wind speed is 9 km/h. With the gradual warming in the spring the precipitation increases with an average of 5 cm of new snow and 12 mm of rain in June. Expect some precipitation one out of six days but the amounts are usually negligible.. The average accumulated snow depth on the ground is about 5 cm. The sun is very bright during this time of year, averaging 12 hours of bright sunlight per day.  Sun protection is important as the light reflects from the snow.  All in all the weather is quite pleasant for outdoor activities - cool enough that things stay dry but not uncomfortably cold.









































Pond Inlet, Nunavut


The Pond Inlet Floe Edge Expedition meets and ends at the airport in Pond Inlet, Nunavut. The Inuit name is Mittimatalik which means the place where Mitima is buried. Sadly, no one remembers who Mitima was.

Pond is an Inuit community of 1550 people in northeast Baffin Island in the eastern Arctic. It is one of the most picturesque communities with mountainous ranges viewable from all directions. Icebergs are most often accessible from the community within walking distance or a short snowmobile ride in winter. There are ice caves to explore, hoodoos to marvel at and abundant species of wild animals to watch, including the magical unicorns of the sea — narwhals. There are also beluga and orca whales, ringed and harp seals, caribou, arctic foxes and wolves, seabirds, geese, gyrfalcons, ptarmigans, gulls and ravens to encounter, plus the occasional polar bear to be viewed from a safe distance. Nearby are Tarmaarvik Territorial Park, Sirmilik National Park and Bylot Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary.


There are several places to stay, a restaurant, several stores, perhaps 350 houses, two schools, Nunavut Arctic Collage, a health centre, churches, etc. The hamlet is serviced by air and in the summer by sealift cargo ships. High transportation costs are reflected in the very high prices for food, fuel and consumer goods. A litre of milk is almost $4.00, and a can of pop even more. This an expensive place to live. The economy is expected to get a boost from the Mary River Iron Ore Mine being developed about 160 km from the village.







The Guides


Black Feather guides are exceptionally qualified. Each principal guide has an extensive outdoor background, formal training and leadership experience. Your guides will have an intimate knowledge of  the local conditions and be equipped to help maximize the experience for each person. Our Inuit guides add a wealth of traditional knowledge.  On your trip, I will share my knowledge of photography, and help you create images with visual and emotional impact.



The guides are always ready to provide coaching and helpful advice on any aspect of the trip and will attempt to maximize the spirit of adventure for each individual. Your safety is their prime concern and your guide will make decisions with this in mind. We must stress that listening carefully to instructions given by the guide is your responsibility and in the best interest of you and the group.  Each group member is encouraged to contribute to the tasks of the trip and your guides will act as helpful resource people. Lastly, as this is your holiday, the Black Feather guides have a real sense of fun and excitement, and will help to make this your trip of a lifetime!


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