Marc is an energetic photographic workshop and tour leader with over 10 years of experience. He specialises  in Wildlife Photography Tours and Workshops.  He is known for his enthusiasm (both on and off the field), attention to details, leadership skills and meeting client's photographic needs. Whether he is in the arctic, deep in the rain forest, or photographing snowy owls in blizzard conditions, Marc can adapt to any situation and capture images with great visual impact and expose the beauty of his subjects.

Marc’s images have been published in numerous publications. His photo presentations are energized, educational and filled with humour. His clients are often return customers and many of their images, captured in his workshops, have graced the cover of popular magazines and won wildlife photo contests.

"I have always been drawn to the natural world. Spending my summers in the country as a young boy introduced me to the beauty of wildlife and its surroundings. Observing and identifying every species that crossed my path became my passion/hobby/obsession. Careful observation of behaviour, migration patterns and species interactions gave me a deeper appreciation of the delicate yet exciting natural world.

Initially, I taught myself photography to capture and share my observations with family and friends. In the process, I discovered that photography could be used as an extension of my artistic visions. A process that I continue to indulge and challenge myself with.

I get great satisfication in sharing my knowledge and teaching others what has brought me such pleasure and fulfilment."

Marc Latremouille